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Monday, February 27, 2012

Roseville Landscape Design

Roseville Landscape Design

A landscape design doesn't necessarily mean just adding a lot of flowers and shrubs. The landscape design professionals at Pacific Landscape use their expertise to carefully select their plant material to suit your style and goals. We know how the placement of certain tall and smaller plants can create an eye-catching display for your home. Colorful flowering plants are incorporated into the Roseville landscape design to accent and compliment your home's exterior and the sites around it.

One of the Roseville landscape design techniques we employ when conceiving a  Roseville landscape design is the use of layering. We install tall trees in the back, followed by a wave of medium sized shrubs and finished off by smaller shrubs and flowers in the front. This is what is called a layering effect and it is often a beautiful option when choosing privacy screening. When it comes to the selection of Roseville landscape design plant material we select only the most appropriate size, colors, and texture. Another element we use in landscape design is combining landscape with hardscape.


Sheetz Landscaping said...

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Architerrainc said...

It is necessary to have our garden too clean and well maintained, There are many ways to renovate and maintain it. There are so many landscaping company Vernon Hills for providing this type of service.

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